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Sunday, June 24, 2007

David Beckham Discusses Fabio Capello

In today's edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport, David Beckham spoke publicly about his former manager, Fabio Capello, who famously said "He will never play for Real Madrid again" in January. Below are a few excerpts that I have translated. The original interview apparently appeared in the Sunday edition of "The News of the World."

"Non criticherò mai Fabio Capello perché nutro grande rispetto nei suoi confronti, però mi sarei aspettato delle scuse da parte sua. Ha ammesso di essersi sbagliato nei miei confronti, ma non è mai venuto a dirmelo personalmente".

"I will never criticize Fabio Capello because I nurture a great respect in my dealings with him, but I had waited for an apology from his part. He admitted to have been wrong in dealing with me, but he never came to tell me personally."

"Capello è un tecnico dalla personalità molto forte - prosegue Beckham - sa quello che vuole e come ottenerlo. Merita rispetto per quello che ha fatto in carriera. Sono rimasto sorpreso quando ha dichiarato che non avrei più giocato per il Real Madrid. Lui è sempre stato molto corretto con me, e mi ha sempre spiegato le cose. Per questo le sue parole mi hanno stupito".

"Capello is a coach with a very strong personality, added Beckham, he knows what he wants and how to obtain it. He deserves respect for what he has achieved in his career. I remained surprised when he declared that I would never play for Real Madrid again. He was always very proper with me, and had always explained things to me. For this his words left me dumbfounded."

"Ho convinto Capello allo stesso modo in cui sono sempre riuscito a far ricredere le persone che parlano male di me - ha detto ancora il centrocampista -. Ho capito che dovevo dimostrare tutta la mia professionalitá, e alla fine Capello ha ammesso di essersi sbagliato nei miei confronti. Mi ha fatto piacere che abbia riconosciuto il suo errore, ma non è mai venuto da me a dirmi 'Mi dispiace David, ho sbagliato'. Ad ogni modo non mi sento di criticarlo, perché ho molto rispetto per lui."

"I convinced Capello the same way in that I have always been able regain the faith in persons who spoke badly of me, added the midfielder. I understood that I had to demonstrate all of my professionalism, and in the end Capello admitted that he was wrong in how he handled me. It pleased me that he had recognized his error, but he never came to me and said 'I'm sorry David, I was wrong.' In every way I don't feel that I have to criticize him, because I have a great deal of respect for him."

Very interesting commentary. To the best of my knowledge, this was the first time that Beckham has ever publicly provided his feelings on the subject. For Fabio Capello, one of the toughest coaches in the world, to admit publicly that his greatest mistake was mishandling Beckham, may have been his way to apologize personally.

Mister Capello was full of praise this week for two other players at Real Madrid. He called Ronaldo the best player that he has ever coached. And said that Antonio Cassano was the most talented Italian player in circulation. Strangely, he rarely played either of them, which made Ronaldo seek a transfer to AC Milan in January. Where "O Fenomeno" returned to his former self with great form.

It seems as if Don Fabio is saying good-bye in his own special way...

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