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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Status Quo in Kansas City

For a twelve noon kickoff in Kansas City between the Wizards and the Columbus Crew, there was an announced attendance of less than 8,000 fans. In the vast expanse of Arrowhead Stadium, we saw thousands and thousands of empty seats. In other years, we have seen the Wizards play on gridiron stripes. Is this good for the sport, the MLS, and the growth here in North America?

There are many other cities more worthy of a professional soccer team. Especially one that has resurrected itself. But perhaps out of honor and respect to the great efforts to develop soccer by the deceased, Mr. Lamar Hunt, the MLS maintains the status quo in Kansas City.

Soccer is a business, but the MLS wants to control all of the franchises by owning them. And dictating which cities have a team. St. Louis would have been a much better representative for the Midwest. It is a city with a rich soccer history, and one that arguably would put more fans in the seats on a pleasant Saturday afternoon than was witnessed today in Kansas City.

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