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Friday, March 23, 2007

Offsides In Iran

A new movie has debuted about a soccer. Although with a very different plot line. It concerns a game between Iran and Bahrain. Which in and of itself is not unusual; however, in Iran, women can not attend soccer games. Or congregate in public with males.

The movie, which was directed by Jahar Panahi, describes the lengths that a few dedicated fans, who happen to be female, go to support their National team. It is a sad commentary when mothers, sisters, wives, and girlfriends can not watch their sons, brothers, husbands, and boyfriends play in person. Especially as they wear the colors of their country.

A few months ago, I recall seeing David Beckham, and his mother, Sandra, watching Real Madrid play from the Estadio Bernabeu. This can not occur in Iran.

Offsides opens in New York and Los Angeles this weekend.

1 comment:

wilablog said...

This movie sounds fascinating. Haven't heard of it either so thanks for bringing it to my attention. Most likely I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD because we don't get these kind of films in Louisiana too often. On the topic of the film, I couldn't agree more, it is really sad to know that family members and fans do not have the freedom to watch soccer games. I cannot even imagine what that is actually like.

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