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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Claudio Creates Controversy Once Again

Claudio Ranieri, a veteran coach, was named yesterday to replace Stefano Pioli at the relegation zone side of Parma. Mister Ranieri is known for his provocative use of language. During his last season at Chelsea FC in 2003 - 2004, he said, "I'm just a dead man walking." The British press dubbed him, "Clownio." To his credit, he did learn English from scratch. When Jose' Mourinho took over for him, he famously said, "Ranieri has never won anything. I am a special one."

Here were some of his ill-advised comments during his first press conference. Two weeks ago, Chief Inspector Raciti was killed outside the stadium in Catania. This tragedy caused a complete shut down of Italian calcio, and draconian measures for future matches. To wit, many games this past weekend were played in vacant stadia since they did not comply with the Pisanu Laws.

“I will take no prisoners, leave nobody injured, you’re either with me or you die,” said Ranieri just days after Italian football ground to a halt after the death of Chief Inspector Filippo Raciti in the Catania riots. When these statements caused controversy, the tactician issued a swift apology. “It was a metaphor used in the language of international football and referred to the arduous task ahead of Parma,” he assured. (1)

The more things change, the more they stay the same. How can someone with so much coaching and media experience say such cruel and highly insenstive comment? Say nothing. Or say something better than nothing.


Ranieri's Parma faux pas. Football Italia, 13 February 2007.


Anonymous said...

Now, after 12 games in Seria A he lost 2 games, and brought Parma up from dead..
Do you see how some people can get it wrong?

Steve Amoia said...

Elvin, thank you for your comments.

This post, which was published almost 3 months ago, discussed his controversial use of language after a tragic event. Not his coaching skills, as you noted, which most likely will keep Parma in Serie A.

His use of Giuseppe Rossi has been very instrumental for both the team and the player, respectively.

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