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Friday, February 9, 2007

Capello Backs Down On Beckham

A month ago, Fabio Capello stated that David Beckham would never wear the Real Madrid shirt again. He doubted his commitment after signing the mega-deal with the LA Galaxy. Then the President of Real Madrid, Mr. Calderon, called Beckham nothing more than a guy who wanted a film career in Hollywood. Mr. Calderon, whose comments were noted without his knowledge, later apologized to Beckham in front of the entire team.

For a month, Beckham trained and didn't complain to the media. Anyone else would have told Capello to take a hike. But he shut his mouth, trained every day, and even watched games from the stands. I saw him on two occassions cheering on his teammates with his mother, Sandra, at his side.

Apparently, Raul, the team captain, along with many other players, backed Beckham, and made their feelings known. Fabio Capello is a hard man who has won at every locale in his long coaching career. He relented on his former decision, and now Beckham is back in the team for this weekend.

"Capello said: We doubted he could train with the same enthusiasm, but he has behaved like a great professional." (1)

"Like a great professional." In all the hype about Beckham, that point is often missed. It may be his biggest asset when he embarks upon his American adventure later this summer.


(1) Capello Praises Recalled Beckham. BBC, 09 February 2007.

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