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Saturday, January 20, 2007

There Are No Statistics In Soccer? Please Look Here.

It always amazes me when the mainstream sports media, in their zeal to bash the sport, rue the lack of statistics in soccer. There are statistics; however, journalists either are not aware of them, or fail to sell the idea to their editors the need to show and explain such things to their readership.

In today's game Premiership match with Liverpool x Chelsea, won by the Reds, 2 to 0, Eurosport presented a very detailed "box score" of the events. Please take a look at the link. Unfortunately, I can not copy it into this post.

Eurosport also analyzes statistics by player. One merely has to mouse over the players icon to receive a comprehensive table of his game performance. For example, let's analyze Didier Drogba of Chelsea, along with Steven Gerrard of Liverpool.


4 shots on goal: 0 goals.
Total passes: 17.
Balls won: 1.
Balls played: 43.
Balls lost: 14.
Grade: 6.1.


3 shots on goal: 0 goals.
Total passes: 36.
Balls won: 6.
Balls played: 59.
Balls losts: 11.
Grade: 6.6.

In major European leagues, such as in England, Germany, Italy, and Spain, players are graded after each game on a scale between 1 to 10 by the journalist who covers the game.)

The actual game statistics link from Eurosport.

Send this link to your favorite soccer journalist, and ask him or her to do a story about the wealth of statistics in soccer. Here is the proof.

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