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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Daniele De Rossi: "The Error Caused Me to Grow Up."

    ROME, ITALY - AUGUST 19:  Daniele De Rossi of Roma before the pre-season friendly match between AS Roma and Aris Thessaloniki FC at Olimpico Stadium on August 19, 2012 in Rome, Italy.
    Daniele De Rossi on 19 August 2012 at Stadio Olimpico in Rome.
    "I'm fine here and never asked anybody to leave.
     It was not my intention to
    come to this press conference to announce the Third World War."
    Corriere dello Sport, 22 August 2012.
    Getty Images.

Editor's Note

I had published this article originally on 12 June 2009.

Daniele De Rossi saw red today in the Roman derby for a punch against Stefano Mauri of Lazio. Interestingly, the President of Lazio, Claudio Lotito, praised De Rossi's post-match behavior:

"I appreciate his gesture (to apologize to Mauri)...  I was there... De Rossi lost his cool with an anti-sporting gesture in a moment of tension. Then De Rossi apologized which shows the internal qualities of the player who is a good person and clean." 

Source: Sky Sport Italia, 11 November 2012.

A few years ago in a group round tie against the USA, Daniele De Rossi, the fiery AS Roma midfielder, elbowed Brian McBride with a scene seen around the world. McBride's face was bloodied, and De Rossi was shown a straight red card. He was suspended for four games, but returned for the final against France to score a penalty kick in the shoot-out.

Yesterday, he recalled the incident in his usual candid style:

E pronto per la sfida agli Stati Uniti, un ricordo amaro per il centrocampista dopo l'espulsione a Germania 2006. «È la pagina più nera della mia carriera, me la porterò dietro anche quando smetto: anche perchè ogni volta che gli arbitri vengono a spiegarci le nuove regole, per Europei o Mondiali, sui dvd rispunta quell'episodio - ha rivelato il centrocampista - Ma l'errore mi è servito a crescere, ora accetto anche con più serenità le critiche che mi furono fatte al tempo».

He is ready for the challenge against the United States, a bitter memory for the midfielder after the expulsion at Germany 2006:
"It is the blackest page of my career, something I will carry with me also when I retire. Also because each time the referees come to explain the new regulations, for the Euro or World Cup, on the DVDs they replay that episode," revealed the midfielder.

"But the error caused me to grow up. Now I accept the criticisms that came my way at that time with more serenity."
Italian Source: Corriere dello Sport, 11 June 2009.

After the game in question, he went into the American dressing room to apologize to McBride. A great player who was no stranger to broken facial bones or other injuries.

If I recall properly at the time, McBride said, "It was pure class."

Last Test before the USA on Monday

In a friendly match today against the
Tshwane XI at the Super Stadium, the Azzurri won, 6 x 0. There was a crowd of about 5,000 to witness the last Italian test before their Confederations Cup debut on Monday against the USA.

Mister Lippi fielded the following team:

Zambrotta, Legrottaglie, Chiellini, Grosso
Gattuso, De Rossi, Pirlo
Camoranesi, Toni, Iaquinta

Giorgio Chiellini was the only starter to play the entire 90 minutes, and had the following observation about the Americans.

"Gli Stati Uniti puntano tutto sul gioco fisico e non vanno sottovalutati".
"The United States bases everything on physical play and they can't be underestimated."
Italian Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport, 12 June 2009.

Cannavaro Out Against USA, Legrottaglie Doubtful

Niente Stati Uniti per Fabio Cannavaro. Il capitano dell'Italia salterà l'esordio in Confederations Cup contro gli Stati Uniti, lunedì sera a Pretoria (ore 20.30). Il leader azzurro soffre di un risentimento al polpaccio destro che in questi giorni gli ha impedito di allenarsi con il resto della squadra e di giocare nelle amichevoli. Non è escluso che possa saltare anche la seconda partita contro l'Egitto (a Johannesburg il 18 giugno, ore 20.30).

dubbio legrottaglie — Ma è allarme in difesa. Oltre a Cannavaro, potrebbe saltare la prima anche Nicola Legrottaglie che lamenta un affaticamento all’inguine. Per l'impiego del difensore della Juve saranno fondamentali i prosismi due giorni.
"No USA for Fabio Cannavaro. The Italian captain will miss the opener of the Confederations Cup against the USA, Monday night at 2030. The Azzurri leader suffers from a bruise to the right calf that lately has stopped him from training with the rest of the team or to play in the recent friendlies. It hasn't be decided if he will miss the second game against Egypt (from Johannesburg on 18 June at 2030.)
Legrottagle Doubtful. But the alarm is in defense. Besides Cannavaro, Nicola Legrottaglie could also miss the game due to hamstring injury. The next two days will be fundamental for the Juventus defender."
Italian Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport, 13 June 2009.
Rino Gattuso Hails the Local Reception

"È incredibile vedere questa gente così partecipe, con un entusiasmo che dimostra quanto sia positivo il loro approccio al calcio e alla vita, nonostante le difficoltà che incontrano ogni giorno. Mi auguro che sia un bel torneo, che serva a regalare altri sorrisi a questa popolazione che ci ha accolto con grande affetto".
"It is incredible to see how the fans participate like this, with an enthusiasm that demonstrates how positive their approach to soccer and life is, not withstanding the difficulites they face every day. I hope for them that it will be a great tournament that serves to bring smiles to these people who have received us with great affection."
Italian Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport, 12 June 2009.

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