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Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Robinho, Adriano, and Ronaldo: What a Great Delusion." Pele'

Sports News - January 16, 2009

They all can't be like Kaka', unfortunately.

The great man has never hidden his opinions.

Recently, he commented about off the pitch behavior by three great Brazilian talents: Robinho, Adriano, and Ronaldo.

But most specifically, with Robinho, who grew up at Santos FC. The team made famous by Pele' himself. Apparently, Pele' scouted a very young Robinho at a futsal game.

"Noi - dice riferendosi ai calciatori del passato - abbiamo fatto tanto per il calcio e i giovani che sono venuti dopo di noi. Oggi è veramente triste vedere come un giocatore rappresentativo, che potrebbe essere un modello, non dà l'esempio e non si rivela un modello per il calcio e il proprio paese".

"In passato gli ho anche dato dei consigli e lui ascoltava. Ora è un adulto, è più difficile parlargli ma questo non allontana un piccolo senso di colpa, lui è una mia creatura".

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport, 29 January 2009.

"We, he said refering to players from the past, have done a great deal for football and the younger players who came after us. Today it is truly sad to see how a player who represents so much, who could be a role model, doesn't give the right example and doesn't provide a model for football and his own country.

In the past, I have also advised him (Robinho) and he listened. But now he is an adult, and it is more difficult to speak to him but this doesn't take away a small sense of guilt, he is my creation."

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