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"In any language, the whole world is united by a ball." --- Steve Amoia, Publisher, November 2006.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama Big Day Soccer Tournament in Kogelo, Kenya

Over the weekend, there was a football tournament in Kenya called "Obama Big Day Soccer Tournament."

One of the teams was called "Obama F.C."

Barak Obama's Family Roots In Western Kenya

"Originally called Kogelo FC - named after the village of Obama's Kenyan father - it changed its name to Obama FC in 2004 when the Democrat first made headlines after giving an electrifying speech at the Democratic Party convention.

Malik urged for the support of youth sports as part of 'dreams from my father,' citing his step-brother's autobiography."

Source: AFP, 02 November 2008.

The team, which hails from the ancestral village of the Obama family, changed its name in 2004. Senator Barack Obama's step-brother, Malik Obama, organized the tournament.

Obama FC lost, 0 x 1, during the elimination phase of the tournament.

A Hammer Convert

Senator Obama recently admitted that he follows West Ham United of London. Should he win the Presidency, he will become the second US President with more than a passing interest in the world game. President George H.W. Bush played soccer as a child, received Juventus FC at his Vice Presidential Office in 1983, and also attended a few games at World Cup 1994.

Senator Obama at His Daughter's Soccer Game in Chicago

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