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Thursday, June 26, 2008

SoccerData.Net by Matt Stronge

Matt Stronge

I have been invited (kindly) to tell you all of a new project I have been working on for the past six months. We have compiled a massive database full of information on possibly every player known from a semi-professional to professional level, world beaters to the odd part timer, from India to Zambia we have a massive array of fantastic data available for your use.

SoccerData.net allows the ordinary fan to research into obscure teams and their players for their own comfort, or even to gain an advantage on their mates in the bar!

Our unique system (still in testing) allows users to edit data, review players and talk about them easily on our integrated forum system.

We feel that although there is a wealth of information out there on many fantastic sites, it was about time to bring football under one roof, and I feel that's what we will, and have done - with SoccerData.net.
Feel free to give me a shout at info@soccerdata.net for more information and please visit us at http://www.soccerdata.net.

Matt Stronge

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