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" 'The ball runs faster than any human, so it's the ball
 that has to do the running!' which, in seventeen words,
just about encapsulates his philosophy." (Page 71)

I have had the pleasure to review a number of soccer-related books at various publications. Titles specific to Italian and Spanish language authors were compiled at The Soccer Translator under a separate heading.

Books Reviewed at The Soccer Translator

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    • "A Modo Mio" (My Way) by Giuseppe Rossi with Alessandra Bocci
    • "Attaccante nato" by Stefano Borgonovo with Alessandro Alciato
    • "Calcio Totale" by Arrigo Sacchi with Guido Conti
    • "Cercando Scirea" by Gianluca Iovine 
    • "E' Mo Te Spiego Roma" by Francesco Totti
    • "Eight World Cups" by George Vecsey 
    • "Erbstein: The triumph and tragedy of football's forgotten pioneer" by Dominic Bliss
    • "Fear and Loathing in La Liga" by Sid Lowe
    • "Fighting Spirit" by Fernando Ricksen with Vincent de Vries
    • "Giochiamo Ancora" by Alessandro Del Piero and Maurizio Crosetti
    • "Illustrated Guide to Soccer and Spanish" by Elliott Turner 
    • "I Think Therefore I Play" by Andrea Pirlo with Alessandro Alciato (English version)
    • "Il Mio Albero di Natale" by Carlo Ancelotti with Giorgio Ciaschini
    • "Juventus: A History in Black & White" by Adam Digby
    • "Liderazgo Blanco" (Leadership the Real Madrid Way) by Santi Garcia Bustamante
    • "Money And Soccer" by Stefan Szymanski
    • "Omertà: Sepp Blatter's FIFA Organized Crime Family" by Andrew Jennings
    • "Simeone: Partido A Partido: Si se cree, se puede" by Diego Simeone
    • "Penso Quindi Gioco" by Andrea Pirlo and Alessandro Alciato
    • Profile of "Una Porta Nel Cielo" by Roberto Baggio
    • "Tactical PeriodizationA Practical Application for the Game Model of the FC Bayern Munich of Jupp Heynckes (2011-2013)" by Pedro Mendonca
    • "Testa, Cuore e Gambe" by Antonio Conte with Antonio Di Rosa
    • "The Beautiful Games of an Ordinary Genius" by Carlo Ancelotti and Alessandro Alciato (English version)
    • "#2Sides" by Rio Ferdinand with David Winner

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